Mission Statement

isa-group individual social assistance
“We are there for everyone”


We all know, whether it concerns a child, adults, old people, whites, blacks, rich, poor, healthy or sick people, that NO ONE is protected against disability in life.

Each person can get on at any time a disability due to accident, illness, or an assassination of birth and is short term, long term or life long dependent on aid. This means not only mental, physical and social problems, but unfortunately also requires of the person and their families an emotional process of rethinking.

Therefore, isa-group as a nonprofit, nonpartisan and non-denominational organization was founded to provide individual support and care.

We work with social partners and relevant organizations in the social sector.

isa-group is presenting throughout Austria with a multilingual platform that are recorded on the information and for all people with and without disabilities and with no age limit, will be available.

Some people will say to himself: “But I’m not really disabled!” This is also not a medical diagnosis, but that some activities does not or only with difficulty be performed.

Such impairments are everyday occurrences and have said nothing to do with medical disability.

We have made ​​the task of using this platform to stand every people in helping of their individual situations by arrangements and consulting.

Our exchange areas are mainly personal assistance, 24-hour care, leisure, vacation and job assistance, child assistance, care for elderly people as well as house- and pet sitting.


isa-group stands for quality, fast, flexible and non-bureaucratic work with a high level.

Our goal is occasionally contemporary, individually, respectful, appreciative and to be open. Honesty, mutual trust, empathy and good communication are key to solid and well functioning assistance.

Our association covers just certain other niches from social organizations with our individual support and care.

Involving all concerned, we always check back our activities to find really suitable solutions, because every person is equal but not identical.

Everyone should get an equal chance of a suitable way of life for him in society.


“Compassion and love are precious things in life. They are not complicated.
They are simple, but they are difficult to practice.”

>> Quote Dalai Lama <<